Wednesday, August 26, 2009

old stuff with old people

I decided to blow up and combine the doodles I have (of my classmates) from my lecture notes. This is pretty close to life size. I wonder if I can find my note book that has the original...

Wow this is really old but this was a Degas study in black in white I had to do for class.

Acrylic on wood. These are not the completed version. I actually did more but I didn't take a photo of it :( or at least, I do not have a copy on my laptop?!

I like to draw faces but especially old people's faces.


  1. omg bb you never showed me the first one before!!
    sigh i love your inking and hehehhe i love your old mennn!
    keep postinggg

  2. you shoulkd have like an OLD MEN tag