Wednesday, October 28, 2009


^^this is closeup of this:

tools: Markers (i bought these Bic markers from target cause I got a gift card from someone lol), metallic color markers, crayola watercolors! LOL....and then copic and micro pens---which really ran out while I was doing this. I need to be buy new ones. :(

It's supposed to be inspired by some art movements that we got to pick from and I chose art nouveau.

I don't really like the final outcome! I hate some of the colors. I was rushing really badly cause I wanted to catch some sleep haha...why do I always do things at the last minute....sigh. Anyway after listening to the critique I would definitely like to change some things :( whether I would really care enough to do ...uh depends. Lol.

WIP(going backwards again):

some sketches/brainstorming for it :(

painting commission wip

jim and doyle.. i had more but they suck

new sounds like nou :)

about time

.................I finally made an old man tag! 8D

Monday, October 26, 2009

wake up

Yay I finally have internet :) I wanted to buy a new sketchbook but I had to refrain myself because I already have two right now that are not done (like all of my other sketch books). I like carrying the little cute ones but I actually think I prefer drawing on the larger ones?!??

Anyway, here are a couple of doodles:

I used to draw those transformation a lot. You know, like the Animorphs covers! lol

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oscar wilde

Something you'll never see on The New Yorker. OTL
I am realllllyyyyy bad at drawing people, especially from photographs! I did this on the day it was due...AGAIN. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Hahaha. But seriously though, I hate drawing from photos. Also, do you notice the fox hide? I had to put an animal in as part of the assignment lol. Instead of his fur coat, I put the fox. I don't know whether he would have worn that though but maybe....HIS FACE WAS SOOOO HARD. I gave up. I gave up on the whole thing.

Oh yeah, we didn't really have to do realism-style but lol I wanted to? Cause when I think of Oscar Wilde, I think of Dorian Gray = fine art painting. I wasn't going to put him in The New Yorker either but I was told to...anyway I really like the style of the type for The New Yorker. xD

Thursday, October 8, 2009

art rage

I really want to paint so I decide to install Art Rage. Actually I want to try Painter but that program never seems to work on me. So far, I quite like Art Rage. It is like CLEAN oil painting LOL But I need to experiment more to get the hang of it and I AM SO OUT OF PRACTICE LOL WHAT ARE COLORS??? HA HA

Anyway, I always love it when programs mimic traditional media!! Of course the real this is always best (IMO) but I'm lazy and cheap. Plus, this way I don't have to clean up (most important lol)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hello again

Above are old figure drawings. I literally drew them in as many different media as I could. I have a ton more that I will upload when I go back home and scan them.

I'm going to try this new thing where I sketch at least ONCE a day for practice sake. Ambitious, huh? Anyway, I like to draw every day people who do not really exist.