Sunday, May 23, 2010

brush painting

yesterday I spent like 12 hours or something working on my Chinese brush painting final...due tomorrow. LOL. It was a really tedious process.....I didn't expect it to take so long....

I had to wash my felt cloth like 500 times because the blue paint kept staining through the wet paper. To do a background wash, the entire paper has to be completely wet.... so that's why I have so many tears on the paper LOLLL cause I suck....and kept ripping them accidently... I had to wait a lot for the felt to dry and my paintings to dry!?! Like I had to draw first with the ink...wait for that to that I can wet the entire paper without makign the black ink smear...then I can paint/color it (while the paper is still wet).

I am so horrible at applying background wash!!! My only hope when I was painting was that it would turn out ok when everything dried...and it did? sort of?...





for the peonies I made some mistakes? I wasn't there when the leaves lecture was done and LOL I MADE THE STEMS RETARDED OMG.....whatever LOL..... it was such a long time ago since we did peonies I barely remembered how to do it....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i love sai

Once again, my very small and lame updates!!! Recently I am carrying my sketchbook around so hopefully I will draw more and scan them in. But for now, I just have random SAI doodles:

You shouldn't be surprise that they are heads... However, I seriously need to get my act together and put together a portfolio so I can do some freelance work! Lately, I had no time for myself because I was immersed with work and interning but with the change in schedule, I will finally have one day off! You don't understand how glorious this is to me. For the past month (?) I literally had no time off. So first things first, I will finish up the face book (I KNOW RIGHT?). Then I will focus most of this summer on my portfolio... that's the plan! We'll see what happens.

Friday, March 26, 2010

some stuff



omg so much things wrong sob


Thursday, March 18, 2010


hi so i havent updated in a while....
i only have school stuff i dont have a lot of interesting things to show you guys...
hopefully this is somewhat interesting LOL
i have stuff from my chinese brush painting and figure drawing class!
so far so good! since im a beginner in both classes, i was told that i'm doing well...its encouraging :D

today i had my chinese brush painting midterm critique
it was really fun and amazing to see everyone's works up and covering all four walls of our small classroom llololol

LOL when it was my turn i confessed that i had done everything the night before
and my teacher totally guessed what time i started and what time i probably finished after i said that LOLO lfogjifghjuhD he said i did good but i should not do the same thing for the final

i was rushing and panicking so much T3T and for the plum blosssoms i think if i had more time i would have started them over

ok first LOTUS

my leaves are too small LOL

this composition is a copy from my teacher''s required to do one copy composition for practice

them on the floorrr

some of my old practice paintings





oh and heres some stuff from figure drawing
i have more stuff actually but i left them at school

20 min.
40 min.



i hope to have more soon to show...!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Doodling in SAI. I started to color it but I love the lineart more so I stopped.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new sketchbook

So I caved in a bought a new moleskine, acrylic paint, and brushes!!!! I don't know what it is but when I start drawing in a sketchbook, I get really motivated (it's just finishing it...)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

nou year old stuff

Hello everyone! So it's the new year and I told myself that I would draw more than I did last year. We'll see.... for now, I have old drawings from my large(ish) sketchbook:

Doodles while I watched the olympics

This was the result of some inking I did LOL SIGH I am so messsyyyyy

Found a dried flower :) it left stains that seeped through the other pages....