Tuesday, December 15, 2009

looking backwards and forward

I know this post doesn't have any art but I always think about (creating) art so why not post these thoughts here since this is an art blog :)

Once again I find myself trying to balance and rationalize art in my life. I think art is something that is so easy to let go of, so easy to forget completely. If you think about it, the artist is the only person who truly cares about his or her own work. One needs determination and will to continue in this profession. I truly admire those who stick with it to the end because it is so hard. I finally understand what they mean when they say, if you can do something else besides art, then do that instead. I've finally came into terms with not doing art as a profession. Forget the practical side of art like curating, graphic design, animation and what not. I simply cannot sell myself and make this passion into a business. For me, they have to be separate. What I truly want to do is work on my own art and not someone else's. What is my art? Well, that's something I will have to figure out, but I don't mind. The process is half the excitement (and frustration).

There are a few projects I am collaborating with Lei on in the near future, but also I have my own personal projects that I've been planning since the beginning of this year. I'm excited but nervous because they are quite personal and I feel like I would be exposing my soul but at the same time, I feel like I need to do it. Maybe it's also the fact that this year's ending aka it's the start of a new year that I feel quite excited about picking up art again. Of course, I am going to bring my art supplies from home this time! I just want a job that pays and time to work on my art. It is a simple request, yes? It is my biggest anticipation for the new year. If I can work on creating art, then I can get around to compiling a portfolio/website and even an art show!! And ultimately, I will be able to express and share with the world my thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspective, and life. Reaching out and connecting with other people through art is one of the most beautiful things ever. A universal language.

But first, let's take this one step at a time.

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