Monday, December 14, 2009

what is this

There was a phase when I all did was draw no (just black) eyes. It was really fun and I'm trying to go back to that. Reverting back to my old ways I guess.
I want to go back to coloring and painting but since I will be inking and working in black and white (once again) I should probably focus on that right now. I keep buying new ink bottles because I keep knocking and spilling the old ones I have! When will I learn!

Also, I told Lei that since I'm going home, I'll take photos of (more) old stuff LOL. My new years resolution is to (obviously) draw more!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2009 in terms of art felt quite sad and lacking :( 2010 will be better, I hope!


  1. If you keep knocking ink bottles down, you should tape it to the desk or just pick the ink bottles that are fatter at the bottom :D

    Drawing more will be nice!

  2. Actually I don't have a desk and the ink bottle sits on the ground (and sometimes carpet) which is why I knock it over so much :(

    But thank you for the tips!! And I LOVE how you are so crafty! I adore your small studio (SILK SCREENING!) and wonderful books and sketches T3T