Sunday, May 23, 2010

brush painting

yesterday I spent like 12 hours or something working on my Chinese brush painting final...due tomorrow. LOL. It was a really tedious process.....I didn't expect it to take so long....

I had to wash my felt cloth like 500 times because the blue paint kept staining through the wet paper. To do a background wash, the entire paper has to be completely wet.... so that's why I have so many tears on the paper LOLLL cause I suck....and kept ripping them accidently... I had to wait a lot for the felt to dry and my paintings to dry!?! Like I had to draw first with the ink...wait for that to that I can wet the entire paper without makign the black ink smear...then I can paint/color it (while the paper is still wet).

I am so horrible at applying background wash!!! My only hope when I was painting was that it would turn out ok when everything dried...and it did? sort of?...





for the peonies I made some mistakes? I wasn't there when the leaves lecture was done and LOL I MADE THE STEMS RETARDED OMG.....whatever LOL..... it was such a long time ago since we did peonies I barely remembered how to do it....

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