Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sea horse final and wip

as usual O_O click images for larger size
first assignment done! finished drawing for that seahorse creature thing I posted sketches of here and here
(heheh you can see part of my litchi milk tea with tapioca at the back in this photo hahahha)

we had our group critique today (whoa first time i ever had one o_o im a newb okay o_o) and I was late to class cause I was finishing this!!....i just sat at a place where i eat lunch for like three hours and I didnt even get to eat my lunch HAHAH so i had to bring it to class with me during the critique O_O munch munch munch. actually it was just a snack and not really a real lunch lollll

there are a couple of things i regret about this and i wish i could like do some stuff to make it better BUT I WAS SUCH IN A HURRY O_O sigh i really want to make the creatures show up more like what we talked about in the critique T3T

I also took WIP photos sooo here they are (going backwards hahha)
i wasnt planning on using watercolors actually O_O;;;;

hey first post for september heheh o_o


  1. This is amazinggg~~~
    If you didn't plan on using watercolours, what were you going to use?? I think the watercolours look great on your piece!

  2. thank you!! um i was just planning on doing the entire thing with pen. and if i decided to add some gray shades i was gonna use color pencils or a just pencil.... haha or just gray shades with watercolor cause i was scared about color choices...